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For over 30 years OmniThruster has been a world leader in the development of waterjet bow thrusters and maneuvering systems. Our unique, patented designs, which provide diverse maneuverability and auxiliary propulsion, have been the installation choice on vessels worldwide.

An OmniThruster bow thruster produces thrust continually... with nozzles in or out of the water... in rough seas... in strong currents... while pitching, yawing, rolling, or heaving. An OmniThruster can even produce thrust while the vessel is underway at several knots, a condition in which conventional propeller tunnel thrusters are subject to cavitation and do not effectively produce thrust, if at all.

OmniThruster’s patented system consists of five basic proprietary building blocks:

  1. BulletKinetic Converter takes input shaft energy and produces usable hydraulic energy by the use of a mixed flow impeller.

  1. BulletSteering Vanes continuously meter, or proportion, a percentage of the fluid flow to one or both sides of the vessel.

  1. BulletNozzles accelerate the mass of water creating a thrust force at the hull interface.

  1. BulletThrust Directors (optional) deflect the water flow forward or aft producing slow speed auxiliary propulsion.

  1. BulletElectronic Control System controls the 360° thrust vector resultant from a fixed or variable speed prime mover rotating continuously in one direction. There are no rotating parts that have to be stopped or started as thrust direction and/or magnitude changes.

No other bow thruster can provide the superior advantages of precise maneuverability, as well as auxiliary propulsion, which are available with the OmniThruster system.

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